START-UP AND DEVELOPment of specialsport

Together we create more club life





How do we start up?

Answers to the most typical questions, that you consider as a Club..


Get well dressed

With special sport courses 


Now we do it!

Do it yourself or let us help you

Target group

Let it be broad and diverse – across different types of special needs. The group becomes more harmonious and better balanced when not everyone is challenged in the same areas. Later you can define more precisely when you see who is involved.

Coaches & volunteers

The less experience with the target group, the more tools we use – but there is no requirement that you as a coach must have very special qualities or knowledge .. but it is good to be many around the team, because then it is much easier to start a sports party that the participants can be a part of ..

Track time and facilities

Yes – right where everyone else also would like it .. Monday-Friday 16-18, or Saturday at 10 .. or what ever is possible 🙂 Preferably close by the club ..

Practical planning

There must be an opportunity for online trial registration – can easily be done through Facebook event planning. The price must reflect the association’s other contingents.


We start with an online Facebook campaign and supplement with flyers for the nearest special schools. Then we make visits and school collaborations .. the goal is to start with a few participants and slowly build up to 10-15 participants after a year. It is not an advantage to start many at one time!


Now a welcome gift for the new members must be found! Like a t-shirt or something else cool with the club logo on .. in general, this team can not get too many gifts and medals.

Inclusion & club life

First, work with the participants and the good energy internally on the team and with the coaching staff. After a year, work must be done systematically to find good ways in which the team can contribute to the large community in the club through visibility, participation and volunteering. Still on very special terms, depending on opportunities and competencies ..

Specialsport suitcase

You need a number of different tools for your new team and members:

  • A team leader to talk to parents
  • A Facebook group to share photos and movies from the workout
  • Time Timer
  • Exercise boards
  • Marking methods
  • Postcard / flyer with practical information
  • Welcome gifts
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